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While our strategic planning, leadership development, management coaching, government affairs, public relations, and project management services can be used for stand-alone progression, they are much more effective when bundled. As such, we offer three different packages:


Takes an honest and holistic view of your entire organization, analyzing employee behavior, interpersonal relationships, and company culture, then developing a plan for engagement, communication, training, and overall improvement.


Be informed of what is happening in the community, industry, and regulatory environments and how potential decisions within each may impact your business, then addressing the potential threats internally, publicly, or both.


Combing internal and external packages to bring a comprehensive understanding of your business’ operation.

An internal analysis of your business will address some of the most common complaints among employees, including:

  • Lack of clarify in role
  • Disconnect between employees and managers
  • Unclear promotion process
  • Ineffective communication
  • Unhealthy and dysfunctional work environment
  • Difficult managers
  • Changing priorities

Many of the trade associations businesses belong to focus on industry-specific laws and regulations or community-specific policy. An external analysis combines local insight with industry insight catered to your individual business. By focusing on activities close-to-home, there are more engagement opportunities to advocate and collaborate on business-friendly solutions.

Too often, we find ourselves reactive. By scanning the external environment more frequently, we can be more prepared for upcoming challenges. Proactive efforts can include building relationships with policymakers and other influential community leaders, promoting a positive company brand, preparing a crisis communication plan, and partnering with other businesses to move projects forward.