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Why Full Draw Strategies?

An arrow can only be launched forward once it’s pulled back under pressure. The same thing happens with people and in business. Discomfort needs to occur for us to grow. Hard conversations need to happen to resolve problems, and difficult decisions need to be made to move forward.

Business is a lot like archery.

  • You utilize intuition to adapt to unforeseeable changes
  • You use peripheral vision to scan the environment while maintaining focus on the target or goal
  • You implement fundamentals for proper posture or structure

Many people think archery is a solo sport, but really, it’s got at least five players: the archer, the bow, the arrow, the target, and environmental conditions. Much like business, each nuanced factor is influenced by the others.

Founded by Lacy Litten in 2023, we bring expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, coaching, succession planning, project management, government affairs, and culture analysis to your organization. We encourage personal growth for professional success, with much of our concepts rooted in emotional intelligence, human behavior, and neuroscience.

Although we specialize in working with agricultural businesses, we have the skills, the mindset, and the tools to bring our passion for helping people to maximize their potential to any company in any industry.

In addition to starting two non-profits, Lacy brings over ten years of experience working in farming and volunteer service to the Santa Maria Valley. Most recently serving as Assistant General Manager at Teixeira Farms, Lacy’s knowledge expands to safety, Human Resources, food safety, strategic planning, leadership development, training, culture improvement, financial analysis, and her favorites, networking and creative problems solving. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.